HelpDesk Systems

An overview of the function, need and scope of helpdesks.

This paper examines how the term “helpdesk” refers to a body of an organization, such as a division or department, where calls regarding customer or client queries and problems are answered and taken care of. It looks at how generally, a helpdesk is composed of personnel who have technical knowledge on the different aspects and areas of an organization’s business and how it serves as a liaison between the company and its customers. Outline What is a Helpdesk? Functions of a Help Desk Human Factors Involved in a Help Desk Help Desk Technology and Tools Reasons Why a Help Desk is Important Effects of a Help Desk Scope of a Help Desk Evaluating Features Required Determining Which to Use Evaluating Vendors Evaluating Products Negotiating with the Vendor Support and Warranties Fitting into the Existing Infrastracture Installation on a Network Server and Client how to write an essay in xat exam PC’s Collecting Data Design Procedures and Policies User Training and Education Obtaining Feedback Improvement Measures ROI

Help desks oftentimes use different available technologies to help them manage their purpose of assisting and helping customers. The help desk technology that is mostly available in the market is the use of software applications meant for help desk. For instance, a problem tracking software that documents problem calls is useful to a help desk in recording problems and identifying problem trends. Having this, it allows the help desk management to develop and formulate the necessary solution to such problem. An example of this kind of software is write an essay on newspaper as a source of information Central Connecticut State University’s HEAT. Following is CCSU Online’s definition of HEAT’s purpose.

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