Love and Marriage in “Jane Eyre”

A discussion of the theme of love and marriage and the way this affects the characters of Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane Eyre”.
In the work Jane Eyre, the primary character is searching for a means through which she can belong and feel loved. Interestingly, this desire conflicts with her extremely independent personality. Charlotte Bronte manages to describe the coming of age of a young woman and her subsequent ability to discover the joys of love and marriage in her work. These themes are explored in this essay.
The novel begins with Jane being portrayed as an unloved orphan. She comes to depend on the love of others far too strongly in order to realize happiness. She eventually gains self esteem however, and in fact, rejects several marriage proposals; her reasons for doing so are a desire not to compromise her integrity, autonomy and right to a passionate love affair. The novel unravels to reveal the twisted tail of love realized, lost, and then found again.

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